From Midnight to Moonlight Naturally



Perspex Naturals Midnight Black from Allplastics was provided as signs in a parking station which gives it a modern and clean look. Perspex Naturals offers a double-sided matt texture, meeting the desire for simple natural looking materials that perform to high standards in demanding environments.  Perspex Naturals is the perfect material to bring clean simple lines and a natural look. Thus it leaves no fingerprints and reflections which make it suitable for most applications. From a retail point of purchase to interior design, room partitions, furniture, artworks and architectural features, whether the aim is to create classic or contemporary design, Perspex® Naturals will work. Perspex Naturals is available in a collection of six colours, offering a choice of pale, mid and deep tones to create harmonising colour combinations, which complement other design materials such as wood, metal and textiles. The material is strong, durable and hard wearing but easy to shape and style as well as it is 100 % recyclable. The Perspex can be CNC Routed, Laser cut or cut on a panel saw.The Perspex® Naturals colour range is inspired by the earthy tones found in natural stone and is available in:

                          123                                                          a11

  • MOONLIGHT WHITE S2 14T1 (SOLID) – 3 mm and 6 mm Thick
  • MIDNIGHT BLACK S2 9221 (SOLID) – 3 mm and 6 mm Thick
  • DESERT BEIGE S2 5268 – 3 mm and 5 mm Thick
  • WALNUT BROWN S2 5269 – 3 mm and 5 mm Thick
  • MINERAL GREY S2 9643 – 3 mm and 5 mm Thick
  • ASH GREY S2 9642 – 3 mm and 5 mm


Thick Sheet size available for all colours:  

  • Size (mm): 1525 x 2030 and 3050 x 2050
  • Size (mm): 1525 x 2030 and 3050 x 2050

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