Villa Amanzi – more like Villa Amazing! [Phuket, Thailand]

Firm: Original Vision
Type: Residential / Private House
Year: 2008

Nestled at a west-facing ravine with a slab of rock that is used to define the edge with a stunning outlook over the Andaman Sea, Villa Amanzi emerges from 60m above the sea. The structure manifests, almost like an extension from the rocks and dominates attention from every angle. The goal of the design was to make the home harmonise with the surrounding, and was achieved by careful analysis of the topographical information that capitalises the drama of the rock all the way down to the rock pools located at the oceanfront.

When one first approaches the site, there is a noticeable reference to the tropical jungle steps and secluded rock platforms which instils a feeling of solidity that juxtaposes the openness of the house. This creates positive connotations and reinforces the vibrancy that pays homage to the captivating elements of the location. Additionally, the composition for the design allows for an open living and dining space that is an amalgamation of the two garden areas. It is rather intimate but unenclosed and uninterrupted. Furthermore, the swimming pool completes this composition as it is cantilevered over the massage sala. It becomes the focal point that draws awareness to the view and provides balance with the energy of the architecture.

The main points of architectural interest are the natural elements of the project and the views across the Andaman Sea. The dramatic layer of granite that defines the northern boundary of the site coincides with constant of the view apparent in all living spaces. The plan of the bedroom bridge, living spaces and garden areas further emphasises the modern yet quintessential and tropical design.

Although the isolated nature and size of the structure is positioned on a steep terrain made the construction quite challenging, it was smart to socket the foundations for the swimming pool into a bedrock in order to create a stable platform from which the whole house grew. In terms of sustainability, Phuket often enjoys a monsoon climate where the wind predominately flows east-to-west during the dry season, and the opposite during the wet season. The orientation and openness of the house allow the owners to use natural air instead of air-conditioning.


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