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Manufacturers, distributors, and installation/maintenance services for epoxy resin, quartz, stone, timber, eco-polymeric, vinyl, concrete, and terrazzo or synthetic terrazzo floors for commercial applications.

Structural porcelain vitrified tile ranges for exterior spaces – Minimal, modern aesthetic

The full body vitrified porcelain tiles have pigment through the entire thickness to protect against discolouring, fading and scratches. Ideal for high traffic zones, the tiles are structurally engineered with excellent rigidity for high resistance to breaking load and stress.

Key Features

  • Four neutral colour palettes to complement all styles of architecture
  • Subtle tonal variation making each tile unique
  • Anti-slip rating of R11
  • Soft edge
  • Resistant to frosts, chemicals and staining
  • Variation: V3 Mod. – High
  • Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 20mm
  • Composition: full body
  • Finish: Rough
  • Type: Exterior


  • Commercial rooftop decks
  • Apartment complexes
  • Resorts

Safeguard R10 slip resistant vinyl sheet flooring offers durable safety flooring for the most demanding environments.

Reasons to Specify:
◦Embossed texture combined with silicon carbide in the surface and aluminium oxide and quartz throughout the homogeneous wear layer provide long term slip resistance characteristics.
◦Safety floors for demanding environments.
◦Meets or exceeds slip resistance properties suggested by Australian Standards.
◦High density embossed surface balances maintenance and slip resistance characteristics.
◦High quality PVC wear layer for excellent dent and gouge resistance.
◦Applications Include: Kitchens, Food serveries, Hospitality, Health Care, Education, Retail, Light Industrial, Office and Amenities

The Safeguard Design range features colours styled to complement Accolade, Australis, and Safeguard R10, R11 & R12 ranges. The single base with an accent chip is visually appealing, while the embedded silicon carbide and quartz aids maintenance. The broad colour range offers a wide choice for markets from Education to Aged Care.

Reasons to Specify:
◦Embossed texture combined with silicon carbide in the surface and aluminium oxide and quartz throughout the homogeneous wear layer provide long term slip resistance characteristics.
◦’Safety’ floors for demanding environments.
◦Meets or exceeds slip resistance properties suggested by Australian Standards.
◦High density embossed surface balances maintenance and slip resistance characteristics.
◦High quality PVC wear layer for excellent dent and gouge resistance.
◦Applications Include: Kitchens, Food serveries, Hospitality, Health Care, Education, Retail, Light Industrial, Office and Amenities

Australian made AUSTRALIS® is a homogeneous sheet vinyl floor with a contemporary colour palette and bold tone on tone visual, which combines excellent durability and maintenance characteristics. Styled to blend light and shade in a multi chip visual, AUSTRALIS is especially suitable for facilities subject to high daily use.

Reasons to Specify:
◦Broad range of soothing tone on tone neutrals and subtle accents to complement any interior
◦Colours influenced by local Design industry research and product development
◦Low maintenance, protective polyurethane reduces initial and ongoing maintenance and increases scuff resistance.
◦No need to apply polish.
◦Flexible for ease of installation.
◦Homogenous construction for excellent dent and gouge resistance.
◦Embossed surface texture and multi-colour chip visual assist maintenance and help hid soiling and wear patterns.
◦Applications include: Education, Health Care, Retail, Office, Light Industrial, Hospitality
◦Australian Made

Australian Made ARMALON® NG is a value engineered floor with an uncomplicated visual. This range was developed for areas requiring economical homogeneous performance, while still requiring a very durable floor covering.

Reasons to Specify:
◦Armalon NG features a homogeneous formulation for high performance.
◦Features a very good resilience and resistance to indentation and rolling loads.
◦Includes PU finish that helps protect the surface against soiling during installation & the product in service.
◦Applications Include: Education, healthcare, light industrial and general commercial.
◦Australian Made.

Australian Made ACCOLADE® SAFE is an innovation in slip resistant vinyl sheet flooring. Developed especially to satisfy the growing market demand for an enhanced slip- retardant, easy maintenance floor covering with a broad range of colours suited to compliment your interior design.

Reasons to Specify:
◦Accolade Safe was born from the demand for an easier to maintain slip resistant floor covering.
◦The embossed surface reduces aquaplaning while aiding slip resistance. This also helps to hide subfloor imperfections.
◦Colours influenced by Australian Design industry research and product development
◦Accolade Safe compliments Accolade Plus perfectly, allowing you to mix and match in various areas (e.g. bathroom/room).
◦Applications Include: Bathrooms and en suites in hospitals and aged care facilities
◦Australian Made.

Australian Made ACCOLADE® PLUS is our most durable vinyl sheet floor. Designed in a range of colours to complement your design, Accolade Plus also features both a highly accented jaspe (multi-colour chip) visual and an embossed surface texture to help hide dirt created in high traffic conditions. Its’ exclusive homogeneous formulation includes replenishing polyurethane throughout the thickness of the floor and a protective polyurethane finish to reduce initial and ongoing maintenance.

Reasons to Specify:

◦Colours influenced by Australian Design industry research and product development
◦Exclusive homogeneous formulation including replenishing polyurethane throughout the thickness of the floor.
◦Protective polyurethane finish reduces initial and ongoing maintenance and increases scuff resistance.
◦Homogeneous construction for excellent dent and gouge resistance.
◦The embossed surface texture and highly accented jaspe (multi- colour chip) visual help hide dirt and wear patterns created in high traffic conditions.
◦Applications Include: hospital, aged care, healthcare, education, light industrial, mercantile, hospitality.
◦Australian Made

Introducing our new wood-look flooring that combines functional performance with modern design to create spaces that really work for the people that use them. Take your pick between our two safety flooring ranges – 2mm Altro Wood Safety and 2.85 Altro Wood Safety Comfort.

Both give the functional performance you’d expect from an Altro safety floor and provide sustained slip resistance for the lifetime of the flooring (PTV ≥ 36). The thicker option provides comfort underfoot and 14dB sound reduction.

We’ve enhanced the number of choices on offer – keeping many of the old favourites and introducing some exciting new colours. In addition, we have included a bamboo-look fine line design and wide plank classic and rustic designs.

Whether you want to create warm and homely aesthetics or transform a space into a cool contemporary feature area, our new ranges can help you make your design vision a reality.

Tredsafe offer two types of entrance matting systems, modular and roll form. Suitable for heavy traffic flows, indoors and outdoors.

For more information visit the brochure section.

Hit the right note with Altro Cantata™. Maximum impact, minimum downtime.

Altro Cantata is a decorative, adhesive-free floor that uses the same installation method as the award-winning Altro XpressLay.

Altro Cantata is a compact 2.2mm floor which boasts a smooth finish. Available in 16 shades ranging from subtle natural tones to vivid colours, it has been designed to set the tone for a whole range of environments. This includes corridors in hospitals and residential care homes, plus corridors and general circulation areas in education buildings. The attractive, soft-look shades also make Altro Cantata an ideal choice for patient rooms within hospitals.

As well as creating stunning surroundings, Altro Cantata is installed without using an adhesive, making installation time, and the disruption that goes with it, minimal. In fact, using Altro Cantata can halve the time of a traditional installation! Not only this but there are no adhesive odours, plus it’s easy to clean, helping maintain both hygiene and looks.

As you may know, an Altro adhesive-free floor is easy to remove, is 100% recyclable and can be re-used in other installations. Waste is minimal as only one product is used and any leftover floor can be used elsewhere, returned to us, or a Recofloor collection point, for recycling.

Why choose an Altro adhesive-free floor?

  • It saves the environment
  • It saves you time and money
  • It saves you and your customers hassle
  • It has all the guarantees you expect from Altro

Altro offer a range of specialised slip-resistant flooring options.

Classic by name, classic by nature. If you’re looking for the original safety flooring, this is it. Altro Classic™ 25 was the first ever safety flooring, it’s been tried and trusted for over 60 years, and its traditional, industrial look is still popular today. Altro Classic provides lasting slip resistance, durability and abrasion resistance, making it ideal for use in heavy traffic areas – particularly with wheeled traffic. It’s also good for areas where occasional moisture and dust can increase the risk of slipping as it has a TRRL rating ≥45 and an R11 slip rating. Available in practical, dirt-hiding shades, with the addition of new colours for even greater choice, Altro Classic features Altro Easyclean Original Technology to make cleaning and maintenance easy.

A 3mm thick flooring product designed for safety in wet and greasy conditions where frequent spillage is likely, Altro Stronghold 30/K30™ is ideal for commercial kitchen flooring. Boasting Altro’s highest rating for slip resistance, it minimises slip risk in areas of heavy traffic. Altro Stronghold 30/K30™ features an integral cushion layer, making it comfortable to walk on, thereby reducing fatigue for staff and offering better sound absorption in noisy environments. It combines excellent slip resistance with long-term durability and ease of cleaning. Altro Stronghold 30/K30™ contains a bacteriostat to inhibit the growth of bacteria, contributing to hygiene standards and reducing the risk of cross-infection, and has an A+ BRE Generic Green Guide Rating for Safety Vinyl Flooring, which means it contributes to reducing the environmental impact of your specification

The latest technological breakthrough from Altro brings you a safety flooring for combined shoe and barefoot use. This evolution is not just for soft soled shoe use, but any, including hard soled, rubber and trainers – making it perfect for a host of applications. Achieving a pendulum test value of ≥36 and Class B to DIN51097 for barefoot use, Altro Aquarius™ provides optimum slip resistance in wet and dry environments. This innovation revolutionises product selection for potentially wet areas. It takes away the uncertainty of how and where to specify and install safety flooring for mixed barefoot and shoe use.

Altro Pisces slip resistant safety flooring is the first to be developed with new AltroBead Technology. 16 appealing, nature-inspired shades and soft finish make this a suitable product for high-end spas, dorms, gyms and residential use. Altro Pisces provides slip-resistance of one in a million against common contaminants found in wet environments including shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. Altro Pisces provides a high level of slip resistance whether wet or dry, for both shoes and bare feet, with a Pendulum Test Value (PTV) of ≥50. Altro Pisces maintains its slip-resistance throughout its lifetime, making it resistant to wear and tear from shoes yet developed to go easy on bare feet. Typical applications include: bathrooms, showers, wet environments in social care, home renovations, social housing, student accommodation, swimming pool surrounds, saunas, spas and changing rooms.

Altro XpressLay™, the world’s first ever, adhesive-free safety floor has a unique underside emboss that forms tiny air channels allowing any moisture left in the subfloor to escape. This technology offers you many time and money-saving benefits as well as environmental advantages, including:

  • Altro XpressLay™ can be laid at 97% relative humidity
  • The floor can be fully recycled at the end of its life so removing the need to send to landfill
  • Welding can be carried out straight away
  • Installation can be laid over existing sound and secure flooring surfaces such as vinyl tiles
  • Under-floor heating can be kept on where the subfloor is dry below 75% RH

Altro XpressLay™ is supplied with free Altro Looselay double sided tape, which is specifically formulated to work with the underside of the flooring, ensuring optimum installation results and conformity to our 10-year warranty. Altro XpressLay™ safety flooring can be installed in applications where adhered safety flooring is inappropriate, such as historical and listed buildings, thereby extending the scope of safety flooring itself. It is also ideal for temporary installations, such as exhibitions or portacabins, as it can be easily ripped up post-installation, and has an A+ BRE Generic Green Guide Rating for Safety Vinyl Flooring, which means it contributes to reducing the environmental impact of your specification.

Altro offers a range of designer, slip-resistant flooring options.

The Altro Wood Safety™ range of 12 offers a combination of classic, contemporary classic and on-trend designs, which are ideal for locations where first impressions count and you can’t afford to compromise on safety. They combine well with any contemporary situation, including monotone, sophisticated areas of metals, glass, bright and mood lighting, while also coordinating well in more vibrant locations where any potential clash with colour is to be avoided. Their palette enables you to vary the mood from cool and classy for spas and hospital receptions to warm and nurturing for the hospitality and care sectors. The sparkle-free finish makes it particularly ideal for application in dementia settings. The lighter shades enable you to create the impression of space in school halls and canteen areas which can have low ceilings. This range also benefits from Altro Easyclean Maxis PUR Technology for optimum long term cleaning and maintenance performance, and has an A+ BRE Generic Green Guide Rating for Safety Vinyl Flooring, which means Wood Safety contributes to reducing the environmental impact of your specification

Altro Walkway™ features bright and subtle colours, as well as decorative chipped options. The varied selection of 23 provides enhanced design flexibility for broad applications in functional areas and can be complemented by the new 19 fresh and modern colours of Altro Walkway Plus™ in public areas. Altro Walkway / Plus shares its colour range with Altro XpressLay / Plus, enabling you to combine the use of both ranges to suit the application. Easy to cove and weld, it affords reduced installation costs. Altro Walkway achieves 36 and above on the pendulum test throughout the lifetime of the product. It is fully backed with a 10-year warranty and boasts a life expectancy of 15 years, affording you complete peace of mind.

Pre-Stain System is an environmentally safe water-based system. It is the combination of a liquid base and a colour additive. Pre-Stain System is sprayed (using a spray gun) onto a vertical or horizontal concrete surface either internally or externally. The surface is then sealed with either a matte or gloss sealer. The Pre-Stain colour etches to the surface of the concrete resulting in a translucent colour finish which allows the trowel marks, variation and natural movement of the concrete to be visible through the stain. Pre-Stain is not like a paint which is a solid colour that totally covers visibility of the substrate.

Pre-Stain can be applied as a single colour or more than one colour can be layered to customise a unique colour.

Quartz Carpet is a resilient and slip resistant floor covering. It combines coloured natural quartz granules with epoxy resin (binder) and finishes with various textures. When clients are after durable surface, Alternative Surfaces recommend Quartz Carpet.

Quartz Carpet is hand trowelled over an existing surface at approximately 5-7mm thick. Quartz Carpet can be applied in a variety of architectural uses including commercial, residential, industrial, recreational and institutional.

There are over 40 standard colours and granule sizes ranging from a super fine ( to large (2-3mm). Quartz Carpet is also available in more than 4000 colour options for special orders.

Benefits of Quartz Carpet

  • The visual appeal of a seamless surface
  • Durability and practicality in high traffic and commercial location
  • Anti-Slip texture
  • Stain resistance
  • Natural beauty
  • Colourfast Quartz
  • Easy to maintain
  • Water permeable
  • External binder UV resistant

Exclusive in Australia to Alternative Surfaces, the globally recognised X-Bond Seamless Stone is a water based, seamless stone overlay system. The mix combines an engineered liquid polymer with Stone-Tex which allows some flexibility and is not as cold underfoot as tiles or concrete.

X-Bond is a hand-trowelled application which is designed to be applied at a 2-4mm depth directly over concrete, tiles and sheeting.

X-Bond consists of internal and external finishes and sealers which are available in a variety of colours and can be applied to floors, walls and joinery pieces.

The finishes available in the Xbond System include:
X-Bond Polished Bond
X-Bond Polished Concrete
X-Bond BI

Expona Linné is an exciting collection of luxury vinyl tiles launched under the renowned Expona brand, recognised internationally for offering the highest quality, design led luxury flooring. Authentically replicating weave textured patterns to replicate the look of a carpet tile, Expona Linné is quiet underfoot and impact resistant. Developed to provide a broad range of engaging and innovative design options, Expona Linné is suitable for use in a range of very heavy commercial, light industrial and also residential areas that require a hardwearing floor covering which is attractive, modern and easy to maintain. Applications include retail, office, hospitality, aged care and educational facilities. The Expona Linné collection features a polyurethane surface treatment to provide superior cleaning benefits and assist ongoing maintenance.

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