Let’s talk ‘lightly’ about energy…

How Stirling Apartments used a lighting and power management solution from above

When it comes to the best solution for effective energy management and distribution, Legrand’s bus bar system is ticking all the boxes.

Specifically designed for installing systems that require efficient load balancing, as well as lighting and power distribution, the bus bar trunking system works as a regulator for the fast and cost-effective installation and flexible management of energy.

Buildings operating from large premises, such as factories, warehouses, data centres, hotels, apartments and hospitals often install bus bar trunking systems to achieve the most efficient use of energy.

A prime example is the Stirling Cross Apartments development project in Western Australia. For all contemporary luxury apartments, or buildings requiring the top-quality management of power and lighting, a sophisticated control system is necessary.

Operating for over 90 years in the electrical industry, Australia’s major contractor, Nilsen, partnered with the Legrand team in Western Australia and selected the LBplus Bus Bar Trunking System for their commercial and residential project.

With an IP protection rating of 55, the LBplus is a range of bus bars that are specifically made for the distribution of lighting ranging from 25 to 63A. By using the wide range of Plugs available, along with accessories such as feed, units and joints, the coding system becomes streamlined, which increases the overall functionality and security of the system. The range is specifically designed to provide ultimate flexibility during the design stage, as well as simplify installation and maintenance.

With LBplus, the lighting and power distribution line becomes incredibly flexible, making it very adaptable to any development.

If you want a crash course on how Legrand’s LBplus Bus Bar Trunking System is the ultimate choice for energy efficiency, supreme product operation and super-fast installation, this YouTube clip wraps it up nicely:


For more information on Legrand’s range of LBplus Bus Bar Trunking System solutions, visit www.legrand.com.au

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