Legrand: the trend-setters for USB charging products

Legrand is going further than just keeping up with technological trends; they are setting them. Here’s why:
Firstly, they are the only player to offer both on-wall and off-wall solutions. This gives you a huge choice of installation options ranging across mobile to wall-integrated solutions. Wherever the user needs to charge a device, the options are endless!

Where would you power up?

        At the office or in the                                                                  In the kitchen or lounge                                                           On-the- go, using HPM’s
bedroom, with Excel Life’s                                                                room, with HPM’s 5 Port                                                         World Travel Pack with
Double GPO with an                                                                         USB Charging Station.                                                             international adaptors.
integrated USB.

Secondly, they were also the first player to release a hybrid-style USB charger to the market. The device is equipped with a Type A and Type C port and is designed to suit the transition of current and new technologies.

And last, but definitely not least, they have supreme charging capacity products in Australia, cementing them as a global major player in this domain. The Type A Dual USB port is a prime example of this. Equipped with a dual 2.1A and 2.4A charging capacity, this latest range allows for two tablets to be charged at full speed simultaneously.

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