Enware | Smart Flow™ Intelligent Water Management


What if… you could minimise the risk of microbial growth in your facilities water systems? What if… you could put the health and the safety of your clients before everything else and you could prove you were doing it. What if… you could create visibility that demonstrated your plumbing system was beyond world’s best practice and working to manage out microbial risks as opposed to help create them.

The Smart Flow™ intelligent water management system provides a unique risk management and performance assessment tool; it has the ability to provide a deeper insight into the operational usage and functionality of your water system.

What are the key benefits of using Smart Flow™?

  • Providing visibility of what is actually going on within the plumbing system
  • Monitors functionally of use and evaluates potential system risks
  • Highlights areas of concern
  • Provides real-time data to inform operational decisions
  • Eliminates guesswork
  • Provides certainty and traceability
  • Empowers safer and improved facility management
  • Prevention informed by visibility
  • Deliver significant cost savings when compared to manual compliance
  • Provides an opportunity to better manage and control risks

At Enware we are all about ‘Water that works for Life’. The delivery of a safe and healthy water to ultimately create better outcomes for the health and aged care industries and a better future with a positive impact on the quality of life of clients and patients alike.
For more information go to www.enware.com.au/news/enware-smart-flow or email [email protected]

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